Professor Song Xiaoyu from Portland Universtiy lectures at SSE

On December 20th, students of the School of Software Engineering packed one of the classrooms at the HuXi campus to attend a lecture given by Professor Song Xiaoyu, from Portland State University.

Professor Song's lecture, introduced by Vice Dean Huang Yong who outlined the curriculum vitae of the professor, was very well received by the students who were impressed by the brilliant life and determination of Professor Song and his relaxed, humorous style of teaching. Professor Song showed the students his extensive knowledge of Software Technology, Applications and Development among other topics. He managed to simplify many of the complex aspects of his lecture, giving students a better understanding of the software industry.

Professor Song Xiaoyu currently works in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Portland State University where he teaches ASIC Design, Formal Verification of Hardware/Software Systems, Low Power Digital IC Design, High Performance Digital Systems and Co-Design and System Level Synthesis. He has also published many journals and papers which include:

  • F. Xie, X. Song, et al., "Component-based hardware/software co-verification for building trustworthy embedded systems," Journal of Systems and Software, Elsevier Science Publishers, 2006.
  • X. Song, G. Yang, M. Perkowski, "Algebraic characteristics of reversible gates," Theory of Computing Systems (Mathematical Systems Theory), Springer-Verlag, 39(2), 311-319, 2006.
  • F. He, X. Song, et al., "Probabilistic optimization for FPGA board level routing problems," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, 2005.
  • W. Hung, X. Song, G. Yang, et al., "Optimal synthesis of multiple output boolean functions using a set of quantum gates by symbolic reachability analysis," IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design, 2005.
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